Earth System Application Category

The table below lists all Earth System Application Category and the respective focal points maintaining requirements for these. For any enquiries or questions on particular requirements recorded in OSCAR, please contact the focal points directly, where an email-address is provided.

ESAC Application areas ESAC Owner ESAC Coordinator Description
1. Space Weather Applications 1.1 Sun, Heliosphere and Solar Wind Forecasting and Monitoring
1.2 Energetic Particle and Magnetosphere Forecasting and Monitoring
1.3 Ionosphere, Thermosphere and Geomagnetic Field Forecasting and Monitoring
2. Atmospheric Applications 2.1 Global Numerical Weather Prediction and Real-time Monitoring
2.2 High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction
2.3 Nowcasting / Very Short-Range Forecasting
2.8 Aeronautical Meteorology
2.9 Agricultural Meteorology
2.6 Atmospheric Composition Forecasting and Monitoring
2.4 Sub-Seasonal to Longer Predictions
2.5 Atmospheric Climate Monitoring
2.10 Atmospheric Disaster Risk Reduction
3. Oceanic Applications 3.1 Ocean Forecasting and Real-Time Monitoring
3.2 Coastal Forecasting
3.3 Oceanic Climate Monitoring and Services
3.4 Tsunami Monitoring and Detection
3.5 Marine Environmental Emergency Response
3.6 Maritime Safety (ports to open ocean)
4. Hydrological and Terrestrial Applications 4.1 Hydrological Forecasting and Real-time Monitoring
4.2 Hydrological and Terrestrial Climate Monitoring
4.3 Hydrological and Terrestrial Disaster Risk Reduction
5. Cryospheric Applications 5.1 Terrestrial Cryosphere Forecasting and Monitoring
5.2 Sea-Ice Forecasting and Monitoring
5.3 Cryospheric Climate Monitoring
5.4 Cryospheric Disaster Risk Reduction
6. Integrated Earth System Applications 6.1 Earth System Forecasting and Monitoring
6.2 Understanding Earth System Processes
6.3 AA Test