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Details on this mission type
Full name Cross-nadir IR spectrometry (for chemistry) from GEO
Definition This type of mission designates IR spectrometers designed for use in atmospheric chemistry, GEO.
Relevant instruments and their contribution

The sorting column describes how the instruments, by design, have the potential to contribute to certain pre-determined capabilities, assuming nominal operation of space and ground segments. For this particular capability, instrument performance is considered to be driven by:

  • the extension of the spectral range through the MWIR and TIR bands;
  • the spectral resolution.

 Sorting criteria and colour code:

  1. IR spectrometer with resolution <=0.7 cm-1 in the range 3.5-5 μm, <=1.4 cm-1 in the range 5-8.5 μm, and <=0.7 cm-1 in the range 8.5-15 µm
  2. IR spectrometer with resolution <=1.4 cm-1 in the ranges 3.5-5 μm and 5-8.5 μm, and <=0.7 cm-1 in the range 8.5-15 μm