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Details on this mission type
Full name Space Weather: Solar activity monitoring
Definition This mission addresses measurements of radiative fluxes emitted by the sun in different wavelengths (Gamma-ray, X-ray, EUV, UV, VIS and Radio waves) to monitor sunspots, solar flares, coronal mass ejections and solar magnetic field
Relevant instruments and their contribution

The sorting column describes how the instruments, by design, have the potential to contribute to certain pre-determined capabilities, assuming nominal operation of space and ground segments. For this particular capability, instrument performance is considered to be driven by:

  • the spectral band of the solar emitted radiation.

The colour scale is not related to the measurement performance, but rather to the radiation band, as follows:

  1. Gamma rays (>1.2 MeV).
  2. X-rays (0.001-10 nm or 0.12-1200 keV).
  3. EUV (10-121.6 nm).
  4. UV (121.6-400 nm).
  5. VIS (400-700 nm) and Radio waves (here intended as 0-300 GHz).