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Details on this mission type
Full name Data Collection Systems and Search-and-Rescue
Definition Telecommunication services to retrieve data from Data Collection Platforms (DCP) or capture distress signals for Search and Rescue
Relevant instruments and their contribution

The sorting column describes how the instruments, by design, have the potential to contribute to certain pre-determined capabilities, assuming nominal operation of space and ground segments. For this particular capability, instrument performance is considered to be driven by:

  • the mission (Data collection or Search & Rescue)
  • the main mission modes.

The rating criteria (not in priority order) are as follows:

  1. Self-timed and upon interrogation from LEO, with location capability.
  2. Self-timed and upon interrogation from GEO.
  3. Self-timed and location from LEO OR Self-timed from GEO.
  4. Search & Rescue from LEO OR Search & Rescue from GEO.