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Details on this mission type
Full name Instruments covering 5.0-8.5 micrometers
Definition Major water vapour band, extending across MWIR and TIR. It also observes several species such as C2H2, CH4, ClONO2, HNO3, N2O, N2O5, NO, NO2, PAN and SO2. Involved instrument types: • Moderate resolution optical imager, • Cross-nadir infrared sounder, • Limb sounder.
Relevant instruments and their contribution

The sorting column describes how the instruments, by design, have the potential to contribute to certain pre-determined capabilities, assuming nominal operation of space and ground segments. For this particular capability, instrument performance is considered to be driven by:

  • the spectral resolution or number of channels
  • the orbit (GEO or LEO).

The rating criteria are as follows:

  1. Hyperspectral sounder in GEO for frequent high-vertical resolution humidity profile and wind profile in clear air.
  2. Hyperspectral sounder in LEO for high vertical-resolution humidity profile.
  3. Sounding radiometer in GEO or Molniya for frequent coarse vertical resolution humidity profile and instabilty monitoring.
  4. Sounding radiometer in LEO for coarse vertical resolution humidity profile.
  5. Limb sounder for atmospheric chemistry in the high troposphere and low stratosphere.