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Details on this mission type
Full name MW temperature/humidity sounding from GEO
Definition This type of mission designates sounding/imaging radiometers in geostationary orbit. They operate in the millimetre and submillimetre ranges of the spectrum, to allow the use of antennas of practical sizes.
Relevant instruments and their contribution

The sorting column describes how the instruments, by design, have the potential to contribute to certain pre-determined capabilities, assuming nominal operation of space and ground segments. For this particular capability, instrument performance is considered to be driven by:

  • the spectral range, covering both oxygen (for temperature) and water vapour bands;
  • the scanning mechanism (real- or synthetic-aperture antenna).

 Sorting criteria and colour code:

  1. -
  2. [Light green] MW radiometer with >=8 channels in the 54 GHz band and >=3 channels in the 183 GHz band. Nearly-all-weather temperature and humidity profiling with frequent sampling for convection monitoring