BackForward Satellite Programme: Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite - 1st generation 

Programme details
Programme description
  • Series of 7 operational GEO satellites, follow-on of the SMS series.
  • Substantially identical to SMS.  Improvement with GOES-4 by the modification of VISSR into VAS for atmospheric sounding.
  • USA programme: NOAA responsible of the overall programme and the operations, NASA responsible of the development of the space segment.
  • The satellites are stabilised by spin.
  • The design lifetime is 5 years.
  • Satellite at two positions, around 75°W (GOES-E) and 135°W (GOES-W).
  • The replacement policy is based on a common backup satellite around 105°W.
  • See detailed description at
Data circulation
  • Real-time acquisition and dissemination in near-real-time by NOAA.
Programme lifetime 1975 - 1996
Associated satellites and instruments

Note: red tag => no longer operational , green tag => operational , blue tag => planned