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Satellite details
Acronym AOS-Sky
Full name Atmosphere Observing System - Sky
WIGOS Station Identifier ---
Satellite Description
  • Main mission - operational meteorology
  • Main mission - research meteorology
  • Significant contribution - climate research
  • Study of aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions, storm dynamics, energy and water cycles.
Mass at launch Dry mass
Data access link no link provided
Data access information
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit Altitude 450 km
ECT 13:30 


Space agency NASACSAJAXA
Status Considered
Details on Status
(as available)
  • The exact format of this mission is now being revised so the instruments and satellites will change.
Launch ≥2031 EOL ≥2036
Last update: 2024-03-18
Associated satellite programme and related satellites

Note: red tag: no longer operational , green tag: operational , blue tag : future

Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on AOS-Sky

Acronym Full name
AOS-Sky radar AOS-Sky Single-frequency Doppler Radar
AOS-Sky MWR AOS-Sky Microwave Radiometer
AOS-Lidar Atmosphere Observing System-Lidar
AOS-Sky polarimeter AOS-Sky multi-angle polarimeter
TICFIRE Thin Ice Cloud in the Far InfraREd.
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