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Satellite details
Acronym PUNCH
Full name Polarimeter to UNify the Corona and Heliosphere
WIGOS Station Identifier ---
Satellite Description
  • 4 small satellites launched together - 3 containing WFIs and 1 has the NFI and STEAM
  • Main mission to measure solar wind
  • The PUNCH cameras sense normal visible light and its linear polarization which allows the 3D location of solar wind features to be measured.
  • See detailed description at
Mass at launch Dry mass 40 kg
Power 55 W
Data access link no link provided
Data access information
  • Data collected by South West Research Institute.
  • PUNCH has an open data policy and all PUNCH data are freely available to anyone for any purpose.
  • Delivery of near real time coronograph data to NOAA space weather prediction centre.
Orbit Sunsynchronous orbit Altitude 570 km
ECT 06:00 asc


Space agency NASANRL
Status Planned
Details on Status
(as available)
Launch ≥2025 EOL ≥2028
Last update: 2023-03-09
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Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on PUNCH

Acronym Full name
NFI Narrow Field Imager Coronagraph
WFI Wide Field Heliospheric Imager
STEAM Student Thermal Activity Energetic Module
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