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Satellite details
Acronym THEMIS-D
Full name Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms - D
WIGOS Station Identifier ---
Satellite Description
  • 2nd unit of the constellation of 3 satellites flown across the Magnetosphere, residual of initially 5.
  • Main mission: Space weather, magnetosphere processes.
  • Earth's orbits with perigees in the range 7,100-9,500 and apogees in the range 64,000-202,000 km.
Mass at launch 126 kg Dry mass 77 kg
Power 41 W
Data access link no link provided
Data access information
  • Data are available from the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL), Berkeley.
Orbit Cross-magnetosphere orbit Altitude
Inclination 6 °


Space agency NASA
Status Operational
Details on Status
(as available)
  • On 20 September 2009, the two most external satellites of the initially 5 THEMIS constellation, were moved towards lunar orbits to implement the ARTEMIS mission.
  • On 25 Feb 2022 BAU diminished radiation hardened memory
Launch 17 Feb 2007 EOL 2023
Last update: 2022-10-24
Associated satellite programme and related satellites

Note: red tag: no longer operational , green tag: operational , blue tag : future

Satellite Payload

All known Instruments flying on THEMIS-D

Acronym Full name
FGM Fluxgate Magnetometer
ESA Electrostatic Analyzer
SST Solid State Telescope
SCM Search Coil Magnetometer
EFI Electric Field Instrument
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