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Instrument details
Acronym CCOR-Vigil
Full name Compact Coronagraph
Purpose Produces visible light imagery of early corona. This provides the basis of CME parameterization for most operational CME arrival forecasts.
Short description

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Part of Vigil solar monitoring instrument package

Scanning Technique


Resolution Spatial resolution 1.6 arcmins
Coverage / Cycle FOV radial: 2.7 to 25 Rsun FOV azimuthal: 360 deg Cadence 5 mins
Mass Power Data Rate


Providing Agency NOAA
Instrument Maturity Backed by strong heritage
Utilization Period: 2024 to 2039
Last update: 2024-02-19
Detailed characteristics
Satellites this instrument is flying on

Note: a red tag indicates satellites no longer operational, a green tag indicates operational satellites, a blue tag indicates future satellites

Instrument classification
  • Solar and space environment monitors
  • Solar activity monitor
WIGOS Subcomponents
  • Subcomponent 2
  • Solar coronagraph and heliospheric imagery both on the Earth-Sun line and off the Earth-Sun line (e.g. L5 point)
  • Solar coronographic imager [from solar orbit, ecliptic, L5]
Mission objectives
Primary mission objectives
  • Solar coronagraphic image
Evaluation of Measurements

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Note: * Primary mission objective.