BackForward Satellite Programme: Feng-Yun - 3 

Programme details
Programme description
  • Series of eight operational meteorological satellites in sunsynchronous orbit.  Feng-Yun means “Wind and Cloud”.
  • Chinese programme: CNSA responsible of the development of the space segment, CMA responsible of mission requirements definition, development of the ground segment and full system operation.
  • The platforms are actively stabilised over 3 axes.
  • The design life time of the satellites is 5 years (2 years for FY-3 A and B).
  • The satellites exploit sunsynchronous orbits around 14 (FY-2 B, D, F) and 10 (FY-3 A and C) or 06 (FY-3 E and H).
  • The replacement policy is based on launching satellites at regular intervals, one each 2 year alternating the ECT (i.e. at 4 year intervals in each orbit).
  • See detailed description at
  • The series now includes satellites in medium-inclination orbits, 50°, to provide frequent coverage of the inter-tropical and low-mid latitudes.  Those satellites were previously mentioned as a stand-alone programme, FY-3 RM.
Data circulation
  • DPT (Delayed Picture Transmission) to acquire the on-board stored global data.
  • MPT (Medium-resolution Picture Transmission), for real-time broadcasting of all instrument data.
  • AHRPT (Advanced High Resolution Picture Transmission) for real-time broadcasting of selected information.
Programme lifetime 2008 - 2035